The Duncan McCall Pipe Band is a Grade 5 competition and concert pipe band under the direction of Pipe Major Steven Bicknell and Drum Sergeant Michael Paige.

Duncan McCall Pipe Band is a Grade 5 competition and concert pipe band founded June 1st, 2004 under the direction of Pipe Major Steven Bicknell and Drum Sergeant Michael Paige. We enjoy marching in parades, but we are equally at home playing with a symphony orchestra. We compete at Scottish festivals all over the southeast. Competitions provide a learning environment and serves to make us better pipers and drummers. We strive for perfection and won’t play a set until the pipes are well tuned and well practiced. The band has several solo competing pipers that range from Amateur Grade 5 to Amateur Grade 1, while the drum section has several solo competing drummers from Amateur Grade 5 up to the Professional level. Duncan McCall Pipe Band is an exciting group of musicians that feature a full repertoire of Scottish and Celtic Music while delivering inspiring performances that include strong melodies and beautiful harmonies, soloists, duets, quartets and drumming fanfares. DMcPB can often be seen in Pensacola and Mobile, Alabama performing with symphony orchestras, university orchestras, weddings and concerts as well as parades and special occasions.

Our Goal

…is the pursuit of higher learning of music as played on
"The Great Highland Bagpipe",
as it pertains to the history and origin
of our Celtic and Scottish roots.

…is to entertain people
at a high level of performance accomplished through,
practice, performance, and competition.

…is to teach, entertain, and compete
at a high level of expertise,
accomplished through hard work, dedication, and
an appreciation for the origins and the history of
"The Great Highland Bagpipe".

…is to build a foundation of
skill, technique, and technical expertise on
"The Great Highland Bagpipe"
to deliver a top notch performance to the public
and in the competition circle.

…is to train skillful Pipers and Drummers
to help create a beautiful band sound for the
listening public, competitive performances and for ourselves.


Our Mission

…is to bring pleasure to all who hear and see us,
creating a beautiful sound and spectacle by performing with
precision and pride the joyous, reverent music that is our heritage,
and to honor the traditions of our Scottish Ancestors
by mastering the sounds and techniques of
"The Great Highland Bagpipe."


The band is having irregular practices at the moment. Basically, we practice when we have an event or competition scheduled. To find out when the next practice is, email Michael Duncan at: .

When we do practice, we meet at the studio of our sponsor Duncan McCall Advertising Agency in Pensacola, Florida. The office is located in Cordova Square at 4400 Bayou Blvd., Suite 11. You can get detailed directions on their web site.


Our sponsor is the Duncan McCall Advertising Agency. Agency owner Michael Duncan has traced his family heritage back to Scotland and enjoys showing off his family heritage by sponsoring a traditional Scottish Pipe Band. According to Michael Duncan, who is also a piper in the band, sponsoring this band created an amazing opportunity for the agency, the musicians and the Gulf Coast "We have a great group of fine musicians," says Michael, "and I was proud to have to opportunity to bring them together to form a great band."

We'd also like to thank them for providing this web site.

Joining the Band

No personal qualifications exist. No ethnic origins related to Scotland are required! Essentially, the only qualification is an interest in the goals of the band. There are two types of members in the Duncan McCall Pipe Band: Student Members and Performance/Competition Members.

The band requires a Student Member to audition to become a Performing Member. The student will play the Performance Sets with the entire band for a judging panel consisting of the Band Officers. The candidate must receive a passing vote from all the officers, otherwise contingencies are given and the candidate may audition again at a later time.

What Will the Band Provide?

Guidance - The band will provide an environment to foster your musical development and enjoyment. It will supply you with the music that the band plays, and will provide you with individual competition music if you wish. We have a library of pipe and drum music which you can copied at any time.

Uniform Kit for Performing Members - A uniform kit provided by the band consists of a kilt (Duncan Modern Tartan), belt/buckle, tie, sporran, shirt and flashes. All of these items remain band property and are to be returned when you are no longer using them.

What the New Member Will Provide

You will be responsible for obtaining black shoes, glengary and kilt hose. We realize that all of the expenses can be overwhelming for certain people, especially at the beginning. We don't pressure people to buy anything they can't afford, and we try to lend available equipment whenever we can. Our goal is to help people join the band, and to this aim we assist wherever we can.

Practice Chanter - We practice with matching practice chanters. As a new student, you may use the chanter of your choice. But you will be required to purchase a matching chanter before you can practice with the band. The cost is approximately $90.

Are There Monthly Dues?

The philosophy of our band is that everyone donates his or her time to the band. The money from performance and Highland Games goes back to the band. The individual member doesn't receive money for a performance but we don't charge dues or fees either.

Will There be Time Limitations for Me to Learn to Play?

There is no time limit; you play when you are ready. Learning to play should be enjoyable, not stressful. Besides, most new pipers pressure themselves very effectively without any help from us!

Will I be "Kicked Out" if I Can't Play Well?

Every band has players in all stages of development, so you will never be "kicked out" or made to feel bad if you choose not to be in the competition band, or because you are not progressing at a certain speed. Each member is free to choose the level he or she is comfortable with, and all members are encouraged to be the best they can be.

Pipes or Drums

The band consists of pipers and drummers. Read more about pipes and drums, including side drums and tenor drums.


Once used as an instrument of war by the Scots, the Great Highland Bagpipe is now a favorite of fans of Celtic music around the globe. The instrument's haunting tone can add atmosphere and evoke lasting memories at weddings and memorial services or funerals. The same instrument can also provide toe-tapping entertainment at a party, reception or special occasion.

Many people hear a pipe band and wish they had included piping in their wedding ceremony or special event. Don't miss the opportunity to enhance the atmosphere of your business, social, or family occasion by featuring the beautiful music of the Great Highland Bagpipes and drums provided by the Duncan McCall Pipe Band.

DMcPB is your source for a solo piper, a mini band, or a full pipe band. Contact the band and we will help you make your event one to remember. Some of the events that we can provide entertainment for include:

Fund Raisers
Church Services

Please contact us for more information.

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